What is Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park?

A Christian service agency helping Estes Valley residents in need, including the temporarily unemployed who receive short-term assistance, and the working poor or persons with low fixed incomes who receive ongoing services. Crossroads Ministry partners with numerous other agencies to maximize benefits to clients, and encourages self- sufficiency through educational opportunities.

All persons are treated equally no matter what — All are welcome who are in need.

Donate to Crossroads quickly and securely online. You may choose a program area or designate it to be used where needed most. We thank you for your generous support.

Watch this touching client story about a neighbor who came to Crossroads in a time of need.

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To apply for assistance, please click on the Receive Assistance button and follow the “how to apply” steps. To find out more information on a program, contact us.

Our Mission: To practice Christian love by providing basic human services to Estes Valley residents in need.

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Program goals and outcomes are:

To alleviate the needs among persons in immediate crisis through Crossroad’s current programs and/or referrals to additional community services.

To stabilize an individual or family living situation on a short-term or ongoing basis through Crossroad’s current programs and referral to additional community services including strategic collaborative partnerships.

To assist an individual or family in reaching self-sufficiency or to lessen the need for assistance through money management and energy conservation training courses as well as one-on-one mentoring.

The impact of all programs is measured primarily by tracking the number of individuals and families who are successfully provided vital assistance as well as the percentage of individuals and families who successfully transition from needing assistance to a life style of self-sufficiency.