Helping Hub

Welcome to the Helping Hub at Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park

The Helping Hub connects neighbors in need with neighbors who want to help. At Crossroads, we desire to meet the needs of aging members within our community who are struggling. We have volunteers who are ready to help with the following services:


Volunteer drivers can provide rides to and from appointments within the Estes Park area. On special occasions volunteers may be able to take clients to doctors’ appointments in the Front Range.


Volunteers are available to run local errands like picking up groceries from Safeway.

Computer and Technology Help

Volunteers can help our seniors with setting up and troubleshooting basic digital devices, like TV’s, Phones, Computers, Tablets, etc.

Snow Shoveling

During winter months’ volunteers will provide snow removal for small areas when there are no other options for snow removal.

Handy Help

Volunteers can help with a variety of minor handyman type fixes, swap out light bulbs, swap out batteries in smoke detectors, tighten faucets, check running toilets, tighten doors, etc.

Light Cleaning/Organizing

Help with vacuuming, sweeping, wiping down kitchen counters, organizing papers, mail, etc.

Care Calls & Friendly Visits/  Walks

Oftentimes our seniors can be lonely and just need a friendly visit, or a check-in from a friendly volunteer.

Weekly Caregiver Respite

When family is caring for a loved one who is ill, recovering from surgery, cancer treatment, or in palliative/hospices care volunteers are available to spend time with clients so that caregivers have get some time free.

Food or Meals on Wheels

Volunteers can deliver food from the Market at Crossroads for those shut-in or unable to come to the Market. Volunteers will deliver hot meals for those signed up for Meals on Wheels.

To connect with the helping hub and find help with your need please contact Crossroads here or call 970-577-0610 (Ask to schedule an appointment with Jess Borries)


To become a volunteer to help neighbors in need please visit our volunteer page here or call 970-577-6773 (Ask for Aaron Bojan) We also provide help to those struggling in many other areas including recovery from surgery, cancer treatment, and other needs. Contact us and see how we may be able to help.