Hunger Prevention

There is hunger in the Estes Valley. Families who do not have enough nutritious food are not simply “poor” or “lazy.” Differing situations such as a medical issue, low wages, loss of job due to seasonal downturn, or being a single parent can cause the need to seek help. Crossroads offers:

Qualifying families can receive a shopping cart of perishable and non-perishable food monthly, allowing families to stretch their dollars and spend their resources on other basic needs.

Mobile Food Pantries

Mobile Pantries provide another source of food to families and individuals facing hunger. Crossroads has a desire to utilize mobile food pantries to provide access and increase food distribution so nutritious, non-perishable foods as well as perishable foods, such as milk, juice, bread and fresh produce, do not go to waste. If you would be interested in operating a Mobile Food Pantry, then please send us an email.

Food Pantry Critical Needs

Hearty Soups – Vegetable Beef, Lentil, & Chicken Noodle

Hearty Meals –  Beef Stew, Ravioli & Chili

Canned Fruit

Family sized Cereals

Canned Beef

Rice & Pasta Side Dishes

Toilet Paper



If you wish to hold a food drive, please contact us for donation boxes or help picking up donations.