Our SELF-SUFFICIENCY PROGRAM consists of Money Matters and Energy Conservation classes (available in English and Spanish). We offer one-on-one consultation as well as mentoring relationships with a staff of trained volunteers.

Crossroads was one of the very first agencies in Colorado to require its clients to complete a Money Matters course. Clients are required to satisfactorily complete the course within 3 months of their first visit in order to remain eligible for long-term assistance.

Money Matters

Our goal is to offer classes each month on Money Matters and Energy Conservation.

Each monthly class consists of two sessions offered on two evenings back to back in the same week. Topics include: realizing one’s dreams by Goal Setting, creating a monthly spending plan, managing bank accounts, getting out of debt, repairing credit and energy conservation.

Energy Conservation

Energy costs have risen by more than 300% since 2001. This dramatic increase has outpaced the rise in household income which has averaged a meager four percent over the last 10 years. The rise in energy costs has hurt low income families disproportionately, with most of their income being redirected from basic necessities to paying for power. Energy costs were expected to be $228 per month on average on the Front Range in 2018. And once they go up, they rarely go down. This program, developed by Habitat for Humanity and other corporate partners, teaches families practical tactics to reduce energy consumption, and their monthly bills.