Voucher Services

Our Services for established residents of the Estes Valley may include:

RENT ASSISTANCE may be given to prevent eviction for non-payment; or for temporary emergency housing.

UTILITIES ASSISTANCE may be given to prevent or reverse shut-off of utilities due to non-payment, to Town of Estes Park, Xcel, propane and other utEOC logoility providers. Clients are assisted in making application to the LEAP program. Crossroads Ministry is grateful for our partnership with Energy Outreach Colorado. We encourage you to visit their website for energy conservation tips and other valuable information: http://www.energyoutreach.org/

MEDICAL, dental, vision, mental health, and prescription medication assistance may be given when the client is unable to pay. Crossroads works closely with local pharmacies, clinics, and individual providers.

GASOLINE assistance may be provided for transportation to basic safety net services: medical, food, job related travel, etc.

ASSISTANCE WITH CLOTHING, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, LAUNDRY, & SHOWER SERVICE may be provided through vouchers issued to local thrift shops and vendors, as well as through donated materials from local merchants and lodging houses.

DISTRIBUTION POINT for Salvation Army vouchers for safety net services and for the TFAP Food Program.

REFERRAL TO A BROAD RANGE OF COMMUNITY AGENCIES AND SERVICES, to provide additional resources and assistance for clients.

SELF-SUFFICIENCY PROGRAM provides Money Management and Energy Conservation classes (in English and Spanish), and one-on-one consultation. Crossroads was one of the very first agencies in Colorado to require its clients to complete a money management course. The course is required in order to receive ongoing voucher assistance services.